Crazy Chiques


Entertaining women with a flare for fashion, conversation, arts, sports, luxury and culinary.

Sa'Rah Valentine
has traveled the world with A list recording artist and has had passion for fashion since she was a young child. Known as the "Production Guru" she continues to make her mark behind the scene that she has made a successful career in for over 15 years. She is also Executive Producer of Swag the Runway and Swag the Runway College Edition.

Angel Marie loves to have to fun and is a devoted mother. She takes pride in her family and close friends and has a strong compassion for the well being of humanity. Angel has been an Accountant for 18 years, along with an entrepreneur and consultant. A wonderful soccer Mom, she is busy in Chicago supporting her sons' athletics and has traveled throughout the U.S., supporting her sons' teams competing in sporting events. She has been an active volunteer for over 12 years. Angel will share her experiences and saving tips for viewers and listeners.

Imani works with teens in Chicago, she is a bartender part-time and is the daughter of the famous healthy chef "Brother Tim". She will share experiences on her road to opening up her very own restaurant and keeping the legacy of her father alive.

Yes when these three get together it is absolutely CRAZY!!!

Stay tuned for what's next as Crazy Chiques host events, and voice their opinion these childhood friends will come together to discuss hot topics, reality TV, showcase new music, recipes and so much more........ coming soon.

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